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Fast and efficient WoW Boosting Service that provides PvP rating boost & power leveling services. Order a wow shadowlands pvp boosting service to get quick results and enjoy the game.

Some people simply don’t like playing PVP because they prefer PVE content, but new World of Warcraft patches force players to do both to get the desired gear, character appearance, or achievements. Fighting in PVP requires a lot of experience, and learning how to play takes an enormous amount of time. Therefore, if you want to get fast and high quality results, Despize will help you with this.

2 Best PvP Tips

Here are some tips on how to get better at PVP:

Watch Streams

To understand the PVP aspects of the game, you can start watching live streams of professional players, in which you can visually observe the process of the game, learning a lot of new combat tactics. By following this path, you will get a good understanding of the game to start playing better.

Learn Guides

You can find many different guides on the Internet for your class in the bracket you need. Thus, you can find out which BIS gear to buy, which enchants to use, minor tactics for your class, and abilities rotation. This method is very useful for beginners to play correctly in their chosen class.

You Can Get

3 Reasons Why it’s Popular

Various Rewards

The feud between the Horde and the Alliance is one of the main aspects of the game, which gave rise to PvP content. The warring factions meet in battle in the Arena, RBG, and outdoors. Killing players rewards you with Honor, which can be spent on purchasing PVP gear of the current patch, various mounts, and you can also buy PVP gear from previous patches for this currency and use it as a transmogrification. Conquest cap can be obtained by completing daily PVP tasks and for winnings on Arena or RBG, and it can be spent on purchasing high item level top-end PVP equipment.

Fascinating Process

PVP is an aspect of the game where it’s hard to get quick results. You have to play lots of games to upgrade the understanding of the game, improve tactical thinking and learn to play in a team. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on this, Despize will help you obtain any rank, rating, or achievement in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.


Our professional players will help you reach the desired rating on Arena or RBG. There’s also a Coaching option, that allows you to play with Gladiators in a group, and their goal is to teach you all aspects of the game so that you improve your skills and step up.

PvP Boost Self Play or Account Sharing

The service provides two completely different options. The first allows you to purchase the time of professional players who will execute the service you need without your participation. By choosing another option, you can independently play on your character in a group with Gladiators. You can read more information about each of the options below.

 Account Sharing
  • Play in a group with professional players
  • Learn their tactical strategies and listen for their instructions to step up
  • Ask a different kind of questions related to the WoW PVP
  • Play beyond your current rating
  • Behold the high arena gameplay
  • Save a lot of time
  • Get fast and effective results
  • Obtain the item or transmogrification you are interested in asap
  • Receive a completed order without your participation

What PvP Boost to Choose

Despize provides services in absolutely all PvP aspects of the game. Our team of professional boosters is trained to work with players of all levels. We will complete any order you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The higher your rating, the more difficult it gets to play. You start to meet more experienced players who can just wipe your team because of their high skill or good equipment. That is why WoW Shadowlands boosting is popular. By ordering the service, your life will become much easier, you will stop losing to your opponents, and will also improve your gaming skills to play on high ratings on your own. Make the right decision to start enjoying the game.

The Warcraft PVP services we offer:

  • Arena 2v2 & 3v3 Rating Boost – our team of wow PVP boosters will carry your character to the desired rating
  • Arena 2v2 & 3v3 Coaching – play with Rank 1 players focused on your training to step up
  • RBG Rating – play in a stack of high-rated players looking to raise your rating.

For reaching certain heights in PVP, you will be rewarded with PVP achievements, titles, mounts, and more. With the help of the awards received, you can find a good group in the LFG or trade chat.

Most Requested WoW PvP Carries

Arena 3v3 Boost

This boost can be ordered from a specific 1400 – 2400 rating. It can be both selfplay and account sharing. Rating Rewards: 1400 rating – Combatant; 1600 rating – Challenger; 1800 rating – Rival; 2100 rating – Duelist rank: Shadowlands Season 1; 2400 rating – Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1, Mount: Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater. You can grab your weekly chest with high ilvl epic items in the Great Vault.

Arena 2v2 Boost

This boost can be ordered from a specific 1400 – 2100 rating. This can only be done using the account sharing option. Rating Rewards: 1400 rating – Combatant; 1600 rating – Challenger; 1800 rating – Rival; 2100 rating – Duelist rank: Shadowlands Season 1; You can grab your weekly chest with high ilvl epic items in the Great Vault.

Gladiator Title Boost

Rewards you with a unique title “Gladiator”, “Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1” achievement, and Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater mount.

Arena Coaching

You can order coaching at the arena starting from 1 hour. Our team of professionals is aimed at improving your skill in WoW Shadowlands.

RBG Boost

This boost can be ordered from a specific 1600 – 2100 rating. This type can be done using selfplay or account sharing option. Our pro players will boost you character up to the desired rating. You can grab your weekly chest with high ilvl epic items in the Great Vault.

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Buyer Protection

  • All boosting services are done manually (no cheats, bots, or exploits)
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  • Booster won’t get the money until you confirm the delivery
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6 Easy Steps to Order

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