Despize Boost, strictly protects the confidentiality of the personal data of customers who visit the website and use its services. If any Amendments to this privacy policy are posted on the website, it will be effective immediately after publication. Further use of our service after making any amendments to the Privacy Policy means acceptance of these changes.

Collection and storage of information:

The site collects, stores and uses information about the user solely for the execution of the services ordered by the client, as well as informing users about changes in prices, terms of service, promotions and introductory materials.

Use of Personal Information:

Informing users is only possible with the consent of users to receive information. When the information is delivered to the user by Email, the user receives a direct link in the Email to refuse further information.

The exception is information about the stages of the order, including the order number, payment, information about the goods or services that constitute the order itself.

Our service can use information about the customer's personal data for the following purposes:

- for informing about the status of the order.

- to improve the quality of service.

- for sending information related to changes on the site, with the possibility for the user to refuse further information.

The website uses the following methods for protecting personal data:

- SSL encryption protocol, with which we protect all personal data.

- Receiving data on credit cards and other payment methods occurs through ROBOCASSA payment buffer and other payment instruments, not directly through the website

- All security measures are taken on the current hosting. The server is regularly tested for malware to protect personal data.

Provision of information to third parties:

The site does not transfer user data and any other information provided by the user to third parties under no circumstances. We reserve the right to place links to third-party resources on the site. The use of their personal data on third-party sites already falls under the privacy policy of these same sites.

Users and customers can delete their data from our system in the following ways:

By email: Through the operator on the website - in the lower right corner of the screen. Via skype: "