Why can I trust you?
Despize.com has many years of experience in providing services in games. We cooperate with professional players in their field, which is responsible for the quality assurance and speed of your order. All orders are carried out strictly by hand, no bots and cheats, We are responsible for our customers. Information about you and your orders will never get to third parties. In addition, your data is securely protected by the SSL encryption protocol and is not disclosed under any circumstances.
How to place an order?
1. Select the product you are interested in on the main page of the site. 2. Select the order type, namely: "Pilot" or "Self-play". 3. Be sure to read the requirements inside the order. 4. Select the "Rating" or "Rank" you are interested in, pay your attention to additional services inside the order ("Express", etc.), then click on the "Order" button. 5. All your orders will be displayed in the "Cart" section. 6. If you made a final decision on what you want to buy, go to the "Cart" section and confirm your order by clicking the "Checkout" button, after which you will be redirected to the payment section.
How do I pay for services?
Our service only works with a prepayment of 100%. To guarantee you the quality of the order, we keep the entire amount in our account until we receive a confirmation of the successful execution. Automatic receipt of funds! A wide range of payment systems! No transactions for wallets!
Refund policy.
You can always return your money in cases of payment by mistake, disagreement with the terms or unforeseen circumstances. We will also refund the money if you are dissatisfied with the performance of the service for objective reasons or if, for some reason, the service is not possible to be completed. Despize.com values ​​its reputation and good customer attitude. In case you want to make a return before the completion of the due date for reasons beyond the control of our performers, a refund is made at a rate of 70% of the order amount. You can request a refund through our operators - in the lower right corner, or by E-mail support@despize.com.
What negative consequences can be if I use your service?
Our employees use a VPN connection in order to protect your account as much as possible. You should remember, that when you purchase services in games, the transfer of the account is prohibited by the License Agreement, which means that our service is not responsible for any possible sanctions imposed on your account by the developers.
Account Share - what is it?
Our service provides you with two types of order fulfillment, namely: "Pilot" and "Self-play". When ordering "Pilot" - our employee enters your account and performs the order himself. When ordering "Self-play" - our employee performs the order together with you.