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Aldor Reputation Boost

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Quick info

Our team of professional players will boost up Aldor Reputation for your character to the desired level


  • Selected reputation boosted to the desired level
  • Friendly rewards – access to a few profession plans
  • Honored rewards – access to profession plans and shoulder enchant
  • Revered rewards – access to profession plans and blue gear;
  • Exalted rewards – access to high level profession plans, high level shoulder enchant, epic gear, the Aldor tabard.
  • All personal loot (gold, items, equipment etc.) dropped during the boost


  • WoW TBC Classic 70 lvl character
  • Active WoW TBC subscription
  • Character’s item doesn’t matter


5 – 15  day(s)
contact support for more information about raiding days

Account Sharing vs Self Play

  • Account Sharing (Piloted) option — our professional player will play on your account
  • Self Play option — you will play in a group with our professional players, following all their instructions


   Once your payment is received, an email with receipt & order status will be sent

  Meanwhile, we entrust your order to a professional player

   The professional player gets all the required information from you to start the order

   When the order is complete, you'll get an email notification

   Check if everything is fine, then confirm the delivery

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   Our professional players use a VPN connection to secure your account

   It's forbidden to chat with the client's friends, so the boost remains completely anonymous

   All boosting services are done manually (no cheats or exploits)

   Our platform is secured with SSL security protocol, preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred


   If you have any questions visit the FAQ page or feel free to contact our support via chat or support@despize.com


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