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Ordering WoW Burning Crusade Power Leveling is a great opportunity to level up your character as quickly as possible from 58 – 70 lvl. Save your time and become one of the first among the 70th levels on your server.

WoW Burning Crusade Classic is a sequel to the original WoW Classic, that brings a lot of new things to the game, from new abilities, arenas, zones, dungeons, races, raids to major class changes. With the release of the update, players will have the opportunity to level up their champs to 70 lvl. WoW TBC is a game about grinding, where you need to spend a lot of time leveling your character, as well as his gearing. Our professional players can do all the dirty work for you.


With the release of Burning Crusade, new content has been added to the game, including 6 new locations, 2 new races, numerous reputations, unique craft in professions, and many gameplay changes.

Each player will find something interesting for himself in the new expansion because there are so many things that need to be done in order to gear up your character.

Burning Crusade Power Leveling Description

With the release of the WoW TBC Classic update, which was one of the most memorable in the WoW series, our service is pleased to offer you power leveling services so that you can save your time and keep up with your friends.

TBC Power Leveling interpretation:

  • 58 – 70 level boost
  • only manual leveling, without using 3d party software
  • maximum account security (VPN, invisible mode, chat restriction)
  • boosters start the leveling order as quickly as possible and finish it in the same way

If you want to level up your main character to max lvl, or level a few more alts, then our team is always ready to provide you with high-quality power leveling services.

Buying TBC Fast Leveling 58-70

The release of the WoW Burning Crusade Classic took place and the Despize team was fully prepared for this moment. You can now order 58 – 70 leveling as well as bonus services for your character. Today, warlocks and hunters are very popular in the game, they have very high damage, you can try them. When your character reaches the maximum level, you will be allowed to choose between two reputations in Shattrath: Scryers and Aldor.

Why you should try Despize

  • Huge discounts
  • Fast leveling speed
  • Only professional boosters
  • Lowest prices
  • Experienced and friendly customer support
  • Prompt and efficient assistance


  • Account must have an Active WoW subscription
  • WoW Classic TBC 58 level character is required
  • Follow the instructions of our support agents in Live Chat or Discord
  • Account Sharing (our professional player will play on your account)

Buyer Protection

  • All boosting services are done manually (no cheats, bots, or exploits)
  • Employees pass through a strict selection procedure before joining our team
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Booster won’t get the money until you confirm the delivery
  • Our platform is secured with SSL security protocol, preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred

6 Easy Steps To Order

   Once your payment is received, an email with receipt & order status will be sent

  Meanwhile, we entrust your order to a professional player

   Our professional player boosts your character to the desired level

   When the order is complete, you’ll get an email notification

   Check if everything is fine, then confirm the delivery

   Leave a review

Leveling Options

Choose the Leveling Speed which suits you:

  • Fast Speed [7 days] – boost will be performed with a maximum speed, the process will take up to 7 days
  • Average Speed [13 days] – boost will be performed at medium speed, the process will take up to 13 days

TBC Classic Dungeon Leveling Guide

What’s the best way to level up the character? Well, there’re many guides out there on the Internet about the leveling strategies in WoW Classic The Burning Crusade.


There’s an option to get experience from quest completion, which brings a good amount of exp and gold, but such leveling method isn’t very good because of the drop rate and at the start of the expansion since you’ll face much contest on the quests from both Alliance and Horde sides.

Farming Spots

You can also stand on farming spots and kill a huge number of mobs, which gives you a good amount of experience per hour. But, not all the classes can afford this kind of leveling, since they don’t have enough AOE spells, plus, you’ll face much contest on these spots as was mentioned above.

Dungeon Leveling

There’s also a Dungeon Leveling option, it brings a really good amount of experience if you have decent gear obtained from WoW Classic. In case you lack good equipment, this type of leveling will slow you down. Players usually start with run Hellfire Ramparts when entering Outland.

Solo Farming

Mages like leveling solo, they can farm Slave Pens by making a big pull which rewards almost 3.5 bars per run.

Caster Cleave

It’s also available in WoW TBC, people making a group of casters like mages, warlocks, and 1 healer to run Slave Pens for exping. The very easy and fast leveling process

Therefore, if you are looking for the easiest way to get level 70 as fast as possible and do not want to bother with leveling at the same time, we will help you with this!


How much faster is TBC leveling?

TBC leveling is much faster because a 30% exp reduction from lvl 1 – 58 was added with the release of the expansion.

TBC best leveling class?

Mage has the fastest leveling potential since it can farm Slave Pens solo.

How to get to outland TBC leveling?

To get to the Outland you simply need to reach Blasted Lands in Eastern Kingdoms, there’s a Dark Portal to Outland.

What weapons to use for enhancement shaman leveling TBC?

One-handed weapons, preferably axes if you’re an orc.

What was the best warlock leveling spec in TBC?

The best spec to level as a warlock in TBC is Demonology.

WoW TBC leveling what professions to take?

The profession you want to choose if highly depends on your class and your preferences.


   If you have any questions visit the FAQ page or feel free to contact our support via chat or



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