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A lot of interesting things have appeared in the new update of WoW Burning Crusade Classic. Players will be able to explore the new 7 locations and complete a variety of quests in them. Now players of opposite factions have the opportunity to create Draenei and Blood Elves races, which contribute classes such as Shaman for the Alliance and Paladin for the Horde. The game brings the Arena to the game, which is an integral part of the PVP content. Lots of new crafting items in professions, the ability to buy clothes for reputation, and more! Despize offers you lots of WoW TBC Classic character services.

What’s New in Burning Crusade Update

A new continent, called Outland, appears in the game, in which many dangerous creatures live. Outland is the ruined world that we saw in WoW Draenor expansion, an orcish homeland. The game has brought a lot of gameplay changes, new talents, abilities, and even more! The damage of some classes has changed dramatically, as well as the game meta of classes.

Best Classes for TBC


Warlock is the strongest damage dealer in the 2.51 patch. It inflicts a lot of single target damage, as well as AoE damage with the Seed of Corruption spell. This character can always summon your group members to the dungeon and can save your group from full wipe by creating a Mastersoul Stone, which allows a character with a resurrection from your group to rise after death and resurrect all allies. Warlock is also useful in Crowd Control with its Fear and Banish abilities.


Hunter is the top 2 damage dealer, on par with Warlock. The most popular spec is Beast Mastery. Hunter only has Steady Shot and Kill Command for decent single target damage, but this class can’t inflict a large static AOE damage due to a lack of AOE abilities. The Burning Crusade also introduces a new ability for this class called Misdirection, which is very useful for setting up the correct mob pull. It also has a Freezing Trap and Frost Trap, which are the controlling abilities of this class. Hunter can also press Feign Death to leave combat while changing gear or refreshing the pot cooldown.


Mages are some of the most useful damage dealing in PVE because they have very good static damage for both single and multiple targets. This class will come in handy in absolutely any WoW Burning Crusade patch. At the beginning of the WoW TBC, mages play fire spec because it has the highest damage of all talent trees. Mages are also useful in Crowd Control because they can disable the target with Polymorph or Frost Nova. Mages got a new ability Spellsteal in TBC, which is very useful for removing buffs from enemies, some stolen buffs can significantly improve your hero’s damage, regeneration, or survival potential. In addition, invisibility has been added to the game, which allows the mage to leave combat and remain invisible.


Shamans got a lot of new abilities and were rebalanced with the release of TBC. Both Enhancement and Elemental specs look very good in the current patch. Shaman now has Dual Wild, which allows him to carry two one-handed weapons. Stormstrike is also a new ability, which is in perfect synergy with one-handed weapons. The class itself is popular nowadays, both for casters and melees because Shaman brings many buffing totems.

New Locations

7 new locations have been added with the release of World of Warcraft TBC Classic. The starting location is Hellfire Peninsula, where you can get at level 58. Starting from level 60, players can go to the Zangarmarsh, after which they can go to the Terokkar Forest. When the players reach level 64 they can go to the Nagrand then to the Blade’s Edge Mountains at level 65-66. Final Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley locations depend on the player’s choice from which to start leveling. Upon reaching level 70 you get twice more gold for completing quests in Outland.

Burning Crusade Character Boost Description

With the release of the WoW TBC Classic update, which was one of the most memorable in the WoW series, our service is pleased to offer you power leveling boosting service so that you can save your time and keep up with your friends.

TBC Power Leveling carry interpretation:

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The Burning Crusade Classic Fast Character Boost Guide

Questing and campaign completion

Leveling through the completion of the quest is the most popular because absolutely any class can go through the entire chain. If your class can’t do group quests solo, find a group in general or world chat to complete them together.

Dungeon Grind

Leveling in dungeons is convenient only in a spell cleave. A group of 1-3 mages, 1-2 warlocks, and 1 healer is assembled, in some dungeons, you need to take 1 tank. The most popular dungeon for leveling is Slave Pens.

Ordering a power level service from Despize

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Character Clones

With the release of WoW The Burning Crusade Classic, players can choose between staying on new Classic era servers or move to TBC servers. There is a free one-time service for cloning a character from Classic to the TBC server, but if you need optional cloning service, then you’ll need to pay for that service, and the price depends on your region.


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