Features of «Ranked Boost» from Despize:
Tired of playing at low ranks? Feel like you don't have enough cards or it's difficult for you to break through the grid of players with low ranks and this is the reason of frequent defeats? We'll help you to solve this problem! Our employees will quickly and effectively raise the rank you need.
  • If you order the "Legend" rank, then you must have at least one collected deck on your account, which is included in the top popular one.
  • If you have a mobile authenticator, we recommend you to disable it, otherwise you will have to provide the code to our employee each time he logs into your account.
  • You need to provide an authentication code from your E-mail, so that our employee can log into your account, the action is one-time.
  • We need your login and password from the account.
  • We do not need an answer to a security question or access to your Email.
  • All the items that were dropped during the order - remain on your account.
If you have any questions about «Ranked Boost» or placing an order, contact the manager.