Features of «Arena Key Boost» from Despize:
Do you want to get as many victories in the arena as possible and get a huge number of prizes? Our employees will help you!
  • You must have atleast 600 gold on your account to purchase keys to enter the arena.
  • If you have a mobile authenticator, we recommend you to disable it, otherwise you will have to provide the code to our employee each time he logs into your account.
  • You need to provide an authentication code from your E-mail, so that our employee can log into your account, the action is one-time.
  • We need your login and password from the account.
  • We do not need an answer to a security question or access to your Email.
  • All the items that were dropped during the order - remain on your account.
If you have any questions about «Arena Key Boost» or placing an order, contact the manager.

Choose the number of wins:

7 wins
8 wins
9 wins
10 wins
11 wins
12 wins