If my character is below level 110, what should I do?
Our services apply only to level 110 characters. You will need to bring your character to the right level, after which our employees will be able to proceed with the execution of the order.
How can I protect my items?
All the items that you got during the execution of the order - remain on your account. Our employees will be banned from the following functions: trade, a trading platform, editing of personal information of the account.
Who will play on my account?
1. After you give us the data from your Battle.net account, our employee will try to log into your account. Immediately thereafter, you will receive a letter to your Email with a notification, that you need to change the password. The letter will indicate the active link, after which you will be on the official page of Battle.net, where you can make a password change. 2. After receiving a notification, that the password was successfully changed to a new one, you close this page. 3. Next, a new password must be sent to us so that we can give it to our employees. As soon as our performer can login to your Battle.net account, we will contact you to clarify further actions.
Can I play right after paying for the service?
After payment for the selected product, a letter will be sent to your Email indicating that your order has been accepted and ready for execution. After that, our managers will contact you to clarify at what time your account will be free to fulfill the order. You can play at any time, except for the agreed service. Also for further fulfillment of the order, you will need to confirm the unlocking of the account.
I do not want my friends to see my account online. How to be?
Our employees will be prohibited from chatting with players who write you private messages at the time of order fulfillment in order to secure your account.