Where can I check my Solo/Group rating?
After you play 10 calibrating games, your rating will be displayed in the Main Menu. Click on "Your Profile"> "Statistics"> the rating will be visible in the upper right corner.
How can I protect my items?
All the items that you got during the execution of the order - remain on your account. Our employees will be banned from the following functions: trade, a trading platform, editing of personal information of the account.
Do I need to play calibration before ordering of the Raiting Boost?
To display your rating, you need to play 10 calibration games. After the calibration is completed - your rating will be available for viewing and our employees will be able to proceed with the execution of the order.
Who will play on my account?
We work only with professional players, who know all the subtleties of Dota2 and play on high ratings. We do not disclose the names of employees to ensure security for both sides.
Can I play right after paying for the service?
After payment for the selected product, a letter will be sent to your Email indicating that your order has been accepted and ready for execution. After that, our managers will contact you to clarify at what time your account will be free to fulfill the order. You can play at any time, except for the agreed service. Also for further fulfillment of the order, you will need to confirm the unlocking of the account.
I do not want my friends to see my account online. How to be?
Our employees can perform an order in the "Offline" or "Family view" mode, which will prevent your friends from seeing you online.